David Owen

Photography and writing

Completely self-taught, I've often wished I could have done more through taking courses, but never found the time. Now I enjoy finding new skills and refining them to my own purpose. And as I discover new ways of doing things, so I enjoy returning to old photos and improving them

My interest in writing moves through phases.  I write novels for personal amusement rather than attempting to create a new career.  As with my photographs, if others don't like them, it's not an issue - I write for myself. I like being lost in the fabrication of my own worlds. I'm not a marketer, so it's probable that my readership will not progress far. But that's life - it is what it is.

Recent photographic work - September 2019

Buck, Photographed in Tanzania

African Black-Masked Weaver, Ngorongoro Crater, (composite)

Brown Snake Eagle, Tarangire, (composite)

Butterfly, Zanzibar

Elephants at Water Hole, Tarangire, (composite)

Lioness in Tree, Serengeti, (composite)

Elephant family on a walk out, Tarangire, (composite)

Cheetah, Serengeti

Rhino, Ngorongoro Crater

Attenborough Nature Reserve, Derbyshire

Giraffe, Tarangire

Hong Kong

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2010 wasn't the start - I had dabbled well before - but it was the beginning of the completed first novel - Fire Pool. Fire Pool has gone through an update since then, with a harsher beginning. It was followed by Light Seeker and Dark Betrayer - the 3 of the intended trilogy of Prophecy Stones, though that has since had a fourth added - Exile. Between the first 3 of Prophecy Stones and Exile came Evolvere, not related to the other books in any way.

Supported by my sisters, I had been prone to making excuses to myself, starting to write, then scrapping the work and restarting, not satisfied.

"Just write it," One sister told me.  So I did.  I left the mistakes and ploughed on.  Problems could be sorted later; the important thing was to get the story down in its rough state. From that first story, I learned as much about the process of writing in general as I did about my own writing.  I don't edit as I go along - I don't go back looking for spelling or grammar mistakes. That is a separate process. The writing is solely me. The editing is done in collaboration with my sisters who advise and change. I couldn't do it alone. It needs other voices and other viewpoints.

I've had an interest in writing for a very long time, dabbling with short school plays, and sample stories for children until in 2010 I found the time and desire to write full length novels. As of now there are 5 in total - 4 about The Prophecy Stones and 1 being a sci-fi thriller.